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UPDATE 12/28/2020 - 2021 Competitive Travel Season Plan & Refund Policy

HFC United understands that with a pandemic it is difficult to commit to soccer not knowing what is going to happen. At the same time HFC United is required to submit teams in February and the registration cost goes up $50 in January. In response, HFC United has created a plan to continue player development and a refund policy in case the season does not happen as planned. 

HFC United is offering a new partnership with Techne Futbol to provide a training app that will guide players in their individual training. Families of players who are registered for HFC’s travel summer season will have access to the app and all of the training content for free, for the entire season! An individual subscription costs $275 per year. To see more on the program, please read about the HFC United and Techne partnership here. There is new content every week, and players can compete with their teammates. Coaches will be able to keep track of players’ training activity, hold contests with leaderboards, and may assign homework for the players.  HFC United has also committed to the sock system reward through Techne, which will reward the players with a free pair of socks as they reach levels of training, www.technefutbol.com/training-sock-system.

Other player development plans based on Twin Cities Soccer League/Minnesota Youth Soccer Association phase of return to play, starting in February.

 Phase 1: Online-only soccer

  • Techne Futbol App

  • Weekly Zoom group trainings run by HFC United to assist in training techniques at home.

  • Weekly club-wide conditioning training over Zoom.

Phase 2: In-person team trainings following COVID-19 protocols

  • While indoors, all Phase 1 items will continue.

  • If the club is able to acquire indoor space in Hastings, indoor team trainings will begin.

  • When fields open, outdoor team practices will begin with at least 2 per week.

 Phase 3: Team practices with contact and scrimmages

  • While indoors, will be the same as Phase 2.

  • When fields open, outdoor team practices will begin with at least two per week and scrimmages between teams will be set up by the Directors of Coaching.

 Phase 4: Resumption of league matches

  • While indoors, will be the same as Phase 2.

  • If the Twin Cities Soccer Leagues (TCSL) begins on time, the normal summer season of games and trainings will occur.

  • If the TCSL does not begin on time or is suspended, HFC United will operate at phase 3 with an in-house league until TCSL games resume.

HFC United will follow this plan, with the understanding that the current phase may change at any time.

 2021 Competitive Travel Refund Policy

  • If more than half of the TCSL games are completed, no refunds will be issued.

  • If the season is shortened by TCSL to only be half the games, HFC United will refund 50% of the registration amount.

  • If the season is shortened to three or less games by TCSL, HFC United will refund 75% of the registration amount. This will allow HFC United to still provide all the player development items that will be offered regardless of phase.

 HFC United appreciates the continued support and is committed to our players’ development.


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