Game Rescheduling Information Page

Game Rescheduling Information Page

The Twin Cities Soccer League (TCSL) has a window period after team registration is closed where teams can “Blackout” a certain number of dates that are not ideal for games to be scheduled on. HFC United’s club administrator or director of travel will manage this and communicate with each team manager before the season regarding this period, and will blackout any dates provided to them from a team.

Shortly after the blackout period ends starts the TCSL will release each team’s schedule. This period will contain a small window for reschedules due to conflicts of schedules. Opposing clubs may reach out to the team manager and/or the head coach to ask for rescheduling a game.

Rescheduling a game may also happen after the finalized schedule is published for unexpected delays of playing a game, such as a heat advisory or weather cancellation. Here is the process in order to coordinate with the opposing team and to request a rescheduling of a home game for HFC United.

  1. Once logged-in to your team’s GotSoccer account, view your upcoming schedule by clicking on “View” under the Schedule column for the season.

  2. Click on the “Chat” button next to the corresponding game you wish to reschedule.

  3. All previous messages will appear in the body of the window. New messages are typed in at the top. If you are not receiving return messages you can press the “Notify Team” buton which will send an additional email to the other teams’ coaches and team manager(s).

  4. You must agree to two differing dates where both teams agree will work to get the game in.
  5. After both your club and the opposing club have two differing dates to reschedule on, you must complete the HFC United Game Reschedule Request form.
  6. A Google Forms page will now show in your browser. Complete the required fields from all four pages of the form.

  7. Click on the "Submit" button.  A copy will be emailed to you.

  8. The HFC Field Coordinator will make every attempt to review and approve a request within 48 hours.
  9. Once the HFC Field Coordinator approves one of the rescheduling dates you must now finalize your reschedule by completing another form, this time to the TCSL. The form can be found by clicking here.
  10. The TCSL office will confirm, via email, once the reschduling request is approved and GotSoccer is updated with the new date/time.
  11. You should then use steps # 1-3 to chat and notify the opposing team that the TCSL has approved the new date/time for the rescheduled game.

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