HFC United Board Elections



Below is a list of the open board positions within HFC United:


Treasurer open for one year, email President-Brent with interest, this position can be voted in by the board for one year then goes to election next year
President open for election-two year term
Secretary open for election-two year term
Director of Recreational Soccer open for election-two year term


If you are interested in one of the open election positions you must submit a Letter of Intent. This letter should include your vision for the role and experience as well as overall commitment to our community. Please email to Rob Halberg once completed as it will need to be posted on our website.


Letters of Intent are due by 9/15/2023. please email your intent to Rob Halberg or hfcunited.board.communication@gmail.com.


Location of Election: Pleasant Hills Library in the Large Conference Room



When : October 17th, 2023

Time: between 5-7pm,

Location: Pleasant Hills library , Large Conference Room(Old Mill Ruins).

Letter of Intent for HFC President - Brent Moiltor


September 14, 2023


Re: Letter of intent for open board position‐President


Fellow HFC Members,


I am officially submitting my letter of intent to run again for the elected President position on the HFC board.


Over the past two years I believe we have accomplished great things. We have a great team, however, we still have work to be done. We need to continue to keep pushing forward 


  • Keep promoting our all year round training and generate a greater participation rate and better player development.

  • Coaching! Always keep providing proper training and instruction to promote player development and competitive teams for our current coaches. Finalize our paid coaching criteria and process and increase our coaching pool when volunteer coaches are not available.

  • Work more effectively to educate parents and players to form teams for a smoother transition from recreational to competitive soccer.

  • Finalize our new website design, functionality and messaging for implementation and bring it live to our Club.

  • Continue efforts of leveraging Demosphere’s updated capabilities to implement it at the team level. Work to adapt it as our club wide in season communications and scheduling for Team Managers.

  • Who wants to be a referee!?!  We have done a great job navigating our game day referees during a time when no one wants to be a referee. We have stepped up our efforts and have new initiatives to attract and maintain this vital role for a great game day experience.

  • Build upon and strengthen our relationships with the Hastings schools soccer programs to create program synergies and involvement at all levels within HFC.

  • Actively engage with the City of Hastings as stakeholders for the major renovations that will occur at Veterans Athletic Complex.

  • We have many volunteers that rise to the challenge to make our program great! We need to Increase our participation and add coordinator and board positions to ensure longevity and continuity.

  • Also included are the things that I may have missed and/or the things that have not even been thought of by the HFC Team!




Brent Molitor


Letter of Intent for HFC Rec Director - Ethan Feldman

Letter of Intent for Rec Soccer Director


I am writing this with the intent to help all children learn the fundamentals and sportsmanship of soccer. I will bring my knowledge of the game as well as my experience working with children. 

If there is one thing that I have had fun doing is watching these kids in the last year enjoying themselves learning the game of soccer.  I have learned a lot and plan to help even more.  

I also intend to continue be available to all parents and children to help make the game of soccer prosperous as well as fun in the City of Hastings.

Ethan Feldman

Letter of Intent - Secretary


Subject: Letter of Intent for HFC United Secretary Position 

Dear HFC United Board, 

I am writing to express my sincere interest in the position of Secretary for HFC United. Having closely followed the remarkable work and mission of HFC United, I am eager to contribute my skills, passion, and dedication to advance the organization's objectives and positively impact the community we serve. 

My professional background has equipped me with essential skills relevant to this role. With over a decade of enterprise security management experience, I have gained valuable experience in administrative tasks, organization, and effective communication. These experiences have honed my ability to manage complex schedules, coordinate meetings, and maintain accurate records, all of which are crucial for the role of a Secretary. 

Moreover, I possess strong interpersonal and teamwork skills, which I believe are essential for fostering a cohesive and collaborative working environment within the organization. I am adept at creating and maintaining an efficient filing system, ensuring timely dissemination of information to team members, and assisting in the smooth flow of communications between the organization and its stakeholders. 

I am committed to making a positive impact by supporting initiatives that improve the lives of individuals and the community, and I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to HFC United's mission of providing a quality soccer program in Hastings and the surrounding community. HFC United's focus is to develop each member, whether they are a player, coach, referee, manager, or parent to their fullest potential at all levels of participation.. 

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my application further and to demonstrate my dedication to the mission of HFC United. 


Chet Charles 


HFC United
P.O. Box 596
Hastings, MN 55033

Email: President or hfcunited.adm@gmail.com

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