Volunteer Requirements for Travel Families

Volunteer Requirements for Travel Families


HFC United Signup Sheet

HFC United has been organized to provide your children with a fun, but educational soccer program.  HFC United relies on the support of our members volunteering and needs every family’s support and help to make sure it is a successful program. 

Important information regarding the volunteer requirements for families of HFC United's competitive travel program:

  • All HFC United competitive travel families who have children playing in the Summer season (or both Fall & Summer seasons) are required to provide four (4) hours of volunteer service per player with a maximum of twelve (12) hours per family.
  • Your child(ren)'s team manager will give you, or you may download and print from this page, the document called "Volunteer Form for Competitive Travel Families."
  • If you must attach a $200 deposit check, made out to HFC United, with your form.  
    • If you have fulfilled your volunteer hours obligation, you will attach a completed "Volunteer Tracking" form (available on this webpage) in lieu of your deposit check.
    • You have the choice of "opting out" of the volunteer requirements, with HFC United immediately cashing your deposit check, resulting in your fulfillment of your volunteer requirements.
    • You also have the option at your child(ren)'s registration for the Summer season to may this fee electronically.
  • You must submit this form to either your team manager, or mail the form to HFC United's address (PO Box 596 Hastings MN 55033), on or before April 15.
  • When you have completed your volunteer requirements, you must complete the "Volunteer Tracking" form for each child.
  • All "Volunteer Tracking" forms for each player must be submitted to HFC United, via mail or email, by August 1.
  • Your deposit check will be shredded, and not returned, when your "Volunteer Tracking" form has been reviewed and verified.
  • If you have not fulfilled your volunteer requirements by August 1, HFC United will then cash your deposit check by no earlier than August 15.
    • If a deposit check "bounces" due to insufficient funds, HFC United will attempt to contact the parents/guardians of the player(s) and will invoice the family for $200 plus any banking fees, merchant fees, and recovery costs incurred by HFC United

      HFC United reserves the right to refuse participation of the family's children in any and all programing until the deposit check, plus any banking fees, merchant fees, and recovery costs incurred by HFC United, has been successfully deposited by HFC United.

How can my family volunteer to complete our requirements?

HFC United uses the website, VolunteerSignUp.org.  This organization is a non-profit, just like HFC United, which provides a free online platform for any non-profit looking to post, track, and manage postings for open volunteer positions.

Families with children in the competitive travel program can access the HFC United Signup Sheet to see what openings are available to fulfill their volunteer requirements.  

HFC United will send out emails throughout the year announcing new and upcoming volunteer positions for various events or tasks that are in need of support.  These volunteer "sign-up" positions are filled on a "first come, first served" basis, and often fill-up fast.


Are there other opportunities to fulfill my volunteer hours?

During many registrations, you may be asked to volunteer as either a coach, assistant coach, or team manager.  These count to fill all of the required hours for each family for the Summer Competitive Travel Soccer Season.

Other ways to fill your requirements are to volunteer for coaching your son/daughter's recreational academy team, volunteer for a board appointed committee, serving as a board of directors member or appointed coordinator, among many others.

So what doesn't count towards my volunteer hour requirements?

Carpooling, taking/sharing team photos or videos, asking to help out with a practice (leave practices and trainings for the coaches), attending board meetings, among others.

When in doubt if something will count towards volunteer requirements, just ask the club administrator or travel director for clarification.

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