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HFC United has been organized to provide our players with a fun and competitive soccer experience. HFC United relies on the support of our parent volunteers.  We need every family’s support and help to make sure it is a successful program. 

Important information regarding the volunteer requirements for HFC United's competitive travel program. 

The volunteer credit timeline starts August 1, 2021 until July 31, 2022 (fall season to summer season).


Competitive player requirements:

Number of player(s):

Total Credits

1 player


2 players


3 plus players(max hours per a family)



Volunteer Signup Descriptions:

Meat Raffle- Sell meat raffle tickets at Dugeral's from 3:30PM to 5:30PM. You will have a lot of fun doing this event! We need 5 volunteers per session. This is for Fall 2022 and Summer 2023 volunteer hours. To sign up click here.

Player ID Check-In- Involves help setting up and taking down station to check players in from the provided registration sheets and assigning appropriate numbered pinnies to players. To sign up click here.

Field Cleanup- We have been continuously talking with the City of Hastings about the condition of our fields and potential long term solutions for our turf reclamation as well as our in season maintenance needs for mowing and striping. Currently, our mow schedule is on Monday and Thursday. We anticipate line striping will occur after the first mow of the week. Weather may dictate changes. The goal of our Field Cleanup is to pick up sticks, garbage and other debris from our fields so our maintenance team can work efficiently while our players and visitors have a great game day experience. Take the time to walk the fields and throw sticks into the woods and garbage into our garbage cans. We have broken out field clean up by team age groups. Regardless of the grouping you are responsible for cleanup for all the soccer fields. To sign up click here.

In-Season Field Maintenance- As the season continues and our teams keep playing, we need to make sure that they have the best experience possible. The goal of our in-season field maintenance is to make sure that our goals and striping are nice and neat! We need to ensure our nets are properly secured using zip ties on both the top and bottom of our goals. Maintain the grass around our goals, our corner kick stripes and other areas of concern that need additional paint or upkeep. To sign up click here. Once you have signed up please email Chad at hfcunited.fieldcoordinator@gmail.com to coordinate a date and time to accomplish these goals.


Volunteer options:

1.  Starting in the fall season, you can check the HFC United Signup Sheet for openings as they occur. 

2.. Sign up for our many volunteer positions within HFC that count towards volunteer credit:

Board members*


Coach/Assistant Coach*

Team Manager


*The above positions may include additional incentive items due to the amount of time commitment required.

Some families find it difficult to complete their volunteer requirements. If you prefer, you may pay the $200.00 "opt out" option at summer season registration.

Activities such as ride sharing/team pictures, etc. are not qualified volunteer options.


Volunteer process:

1. During the spring season, your team manager will ask you to provide a check for $200.00, by May 1(the first week of soccer games).   

2. The check will be given to the treasurer of the club and held until August 15. If your hours are not completed by August 15, the check will be deposited

Remember: it is up to each family to provide verification they completed their hours before the August 1 deadline date. Failure to provide this verification may result in your check being cashed in error.


How to report completion of volunteer hours:

Please fill out the Volunteer Tracking Form and submit to the treasurer. Once confirmed, the treasurer will "void" your check.

Please note:

If a deposit check "bounces" due to insufficient funds, HFC United will attempt to contact the parents/guardians of the player(s) and will invoice the family for $200 plus any banking fees, merchant fees, and recovery costs incurred by HFC United

HFC United reserves the right to refuse participation of the family's children in any and all programing until the deposit check, plus any banking fees, merchant fees, and recovery costs incurred by HFC United, has been successfully deposited by HFC United.

Please contact the HFC Administrator should you have any questions.



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