HFC United uses referees who are trained and certified by the Minnesota State Referee Committee (SRC). The SRC is responsible for certifying and re-certifying referees in Minnesota. 


Age Band Position Payrate Per Game
U9/U10 Center $30.00
U11/U12 Center $35.00
AR1 & AR2 $20.00/each
U13/U14 Center $65.00
AR1 & AR2 $35.00/each
U15/U16 Center $70.00
AR1 & AR2 $40.00
U17-U19 Center $75.00
AR1 & AR2 $50.00/each

New Referees

HFC United has partnered with Ref Assignors LLC to manage all referee scheduling and payments. If you have your referee certification, or are in the process of obtaining it, please visit the Ref Assignors LLC website at

If you are interested in registering to referee for HFC United, or for any of the clubs serviced by Ref Assignors LLC, go to

The SRC also has a section devoted to new and interested referees that provides all of the steps in becoming elligible.

The SRC has also created a step-by-step instruction guide for new referees to become a licensed grassroots referee in Minnesota (see link below to download).

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