History of HFC United

HFC United has a unique and interesting story behind its creation.  Before HFC United's formation, soccer, along with softball, baseball, among other youth sports, were all under one umbrella non-profit organization- Hastings Youth Athletic Association (or HYAA for short).  HYAA was established in 1982, however many sports branched off from HYAA over the years, with soccer being no exception.

The initial seed money used to establish HFC United occured when Ceil Strauss and Dan Marier, both board members at the time of HYAA as represenatives for soccer programing, elected to take their annual stipend checks for their HYAA board services to fund the beginnings of the club.  Others in the local soccer community joined in helping HFC United become reality.

HFC United filed as a non-profit corporation with the Minnesota Secretary of State on 08/21/2007.

So why does "Established in 2009" show-up on some documents and photos?  HFC United was granted their non-profit status as a 501(c)(3) corporation sometime in 2008 (as indicated on tax filing forms). After HFC United was organized, the group continued efforts to work out a relationship with HYAA that allowed the soccer program more autonomy. Once it was clear HYAA was not willing to make changes, HFC United went through the process to become a member club of MYSA. HFC United teams began playing during the Fall 2009 season - the beginning of the Fall 2009/Summer 2010 "soccer year."

Here are some facts about HFC United (from the most recent non-COVID year):]

  • Registered 575 youth recreational academy players (during fiscal year ending 08/31/2019)
  • Registered 347 competitive soccer players for both Fall & Summer seasons (during fiscal year ending 08/31/2019)
  • Received 23 financial assistance requests during fiscal year ending 08/31/2019, and provided assistance to ALL who had requested
  • Serves the youth in not only Hastings, but the has participants in the following surrounding communities- Afton, Cannon Falls, Cottage Grove, Prescott, WI, Randolph, Red Wing, and St. Paul Park, among others
  • Provides part-time employment to over 40 youths and adults, as HFC United has paid over $15,000 for referee services during the 08/31/2019 fiscal year
  • Provides two annual scholarships of $500 each to a graduating Hastings High School boy and girl club member (Note: The two annual scholarships are $1000 each starting fall 2021.)

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