Team formation process

HFCUNITED Tryout and Team Formation

Tryout and Team Formation Goals

· To ensure your son/daughter has the opportunity to play and develop on a team with players of similar ability and commitment.

· To produce competitive teams that can compete at district, state and regional levels.

Overall Team Formation Ranking = Coach Ranking + Tryout Ranking

Coach Ranking:

At the conclusion of the Spring/Summer Soccer Season, every HFCUnited coach completes a player evaluation for all the players on his/her team.

· The best player in the coach’s assessment will be ranked as number 1, the 2nd best player will be ranked number 2, etc. until all players on the roster are ranked.

 · The coaches ranking is based on technical skills, tactical knowledge, physical ability, psychological qualities, and coachability. Age Group Player Rankings

 Overall Age Group Player Rankings:

*The top team at an age group will occupy the top segment of rankings (e.g. U13 Regional/State, rankings 1-18)

 o The 2nd team at an age group will occupy the next segment of rankings (e.g. U13 cities, rankings 19-36)*

(players may be ranked at a different skill level challenge based on the level of play that would reflect score discrepancies)

Tryout Day Scores:

· Players will compete against a group of their peers in various situational drills:

o 40 meter sprint

o 1 v 1

o 4 v 4

o 7 v 7

· During these drills, players will be evaluated on the following skills:

o First Touch

o Passing

o Vision

o Ball Skills

o Overall Play

Tryout Ranking:

· Each player will receive a score for each drill from each individual evaluator based on how they compared to the other participants.

· Player’s scores are totaled and sorted from highest overall score to lowest overall score.

· The player with highest total tryout score will be ranked as number 1, the player with the 2nd highest total tryout score will be ranked number 2, etc. until all tryout players are ranked.

*evaluators will be selected based on their ability for a neutral selection(ie. Will not be a current/future coach) and there will be enough evaluators to allow for a combined score average.

Team Formation:

· Current HFCUnited traveling players - attending tryouts

o Coach rankings and tryout rankings are averaged to create an overall ranking.

· Current HFCUnited traveling players - unable to attend tryouts(filled  out notice during registration) (injury, family emergency, etc.)

o will have their overall ranking- based solely on his/her coach ranking

· New to HFCUnited traveling players - trying out for the first time

o Overall ranking is based solely on his/her tryout ranking

 Team Formation - Additional Considerations :

· Coachability - willingness to listen and follow instruction

· Attitude - impact on teammates and coaches

· Commitment to attend practices, training, games and tournaments.

· Commitment to attend winter training programs

· Specific positions as needed

· Competitive level at an age group(ie may move up or stay at an age  level to keep players at a comparable skill levels)

· Number of players registered at time of tryouts for teams

Note: The above “additional considerations” are listed in no particular order. However, these could impact placement on a team to ensure a balanced team occurs.

 Team Formation Meetings:

*After all tryouts are completed, HFCUnited will hold a team formation meeting where the coach rankings, tryout rankings, overall rankings and the additional considerations are reviewed and all team rosters are created.

All coaches scores from evaluations will be combined into one spreadsheet for the team draft. Final scores will be used to influence team selection. Evaluation information will be held in confidence, and will not be shared to anyone not involved in drafting a team If teams are playing in different skill divisions for an age group, the highest division team(s) pick players first

Team formation decisions are the responsibility of:

*HFCUnited President(neutral unless disagreement)

*HFCUnited Travel Director

*HFCUnited Director of coaching

*Age Group Coaches for the upcoming season

 With assistance from:

o Additional input may be solicited from HFCUnited Coaches from the previous season

Note: No adult who has a child, niece, or nephew in an age group is allowed to be a part of the team formation process for that age group.

Teams are posted as quickly as possible after teams are determined. In general, notification will occur within a week of the last tryout session.

Team Placement and Commitment

After Tryouts, rosters are typically finalized within a week. Players will be notified via email with next steps to either accept or decline their roster spot. The notice will be sent to the main email entered in your Tryout registration. In order to accept a roster spot, the commitment fee must be paid in full, and a payment plan agreed to for the team fees for the season.

Please watch your email and be prepared to make a decision on your roster notification. Committing online and paying your commitment fee is what secures your roster spot.

Rosters are not final until all players have paid their appropriate commitment fee. Payment must be received within the stated time period in your team offer. After that time, the club may offer roster spots to other eligible players.

Team placement questions and concerns:

1. Parents/coaches shall contact the HFCUnited Travel Director with inquiries on how placements were made.

2.  If parents/coaches continue to have concerns/questions, they may put their concern in writing  to the  HFCUnited board President/Director of coaching with specifics on  their concerns.

3. The voting Board members (absent anyone with direct conflict…ie their child’s team) will make  the final decision based on reviewing all items noted above.


Player placement cannot be contested.  The club will not engage in any debate on team placements.

In order to maximize player development, we will do our best to place players on teams where they are surrounded by others of similar ability, commitment, and aspirations.

Players will be placed based on a combination of how they ranked on their previous team and tryout rankings. 

Team placements are not negotiable. We cannot share specifics regarding rankings and scores. Players looking for feedback on where they can improve should reference their end-of-season player evaluations. 

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