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2022-23 Player Identification Schedule

We are busy getting ready for the Fall 2022 and Summer 2023 Season! We have renamed our tryout process to Player Identification or Player ID. The purpose of Player ID is to identify kids that want to play soccer for HFC United. We will use the Player ID evaluations as well as birth age and coaches’ evaluations to form teams for our Fall 2022 and Summer 2023 seasons.

Please see below for information about Player ID and Team Formations. We do not have registration open currently. We continue to put on the final touches for the Fall 2022 and Spring/Summer 2023 registration process. We will send you a registration link when it is ready after the Fourth of July.


Player Identification 

· All players must register for Player ID even if you are not able to attend Player ID.

· All players must register and participate in their birth year age group.

· Each player will only participate in one age group's session.

· The fee to register for Player ID is $25 per player.

· Registration must be completed before any player will be allowed on the field. No walk ups on the day of will be allowed.

· All players within age groups that have the potential for more than one team are encouraged to attend Player ID. It may impact your player's team placement.

· Players may not be required to participate in Player ID if player registration is age consistent to form one team.

· We cannot place you on a team unless you have registered for Player ID.

· Please click this link for the Player ID schedule with date and times by birth year age group.

· Upon the completion of the registration process, if your age group is consistent to form one team your scheduled date and time may be canceled. 

· Team formation in the Fall may be different from your Summer team formation based upon registration options selected by the player.


Team Formation Results, Acceptance and Decline 

· Teams will be formed by birth year, then by coaches’ evaluations, then by Player ID results. 

· If team formation age group constraints require a player to play up the decision will be based upon coaches’ evaluations and then Player ID results. For players that were not required to attend Player ID the decision will be based upon Coaches and DOC evaluations.

· Our DOC is the final decision maker for team formations.

· We strive to maintain our teams and coaching consistency; however, Player ID may require you to be flexible in your players team placement.

· Team formation in the Fall may be different from your Summer team based upon registration options selected by our players.


What should players expect on the day of

· Arrive 15 minutes early

· Check in with volunteers at the table

· Players will be given a numbered pinnie

· Outside evaluators will run drills and evaluate                                                                

· Wear shorts, shin guards, soccer socks/cleats

· Bring water bottle, be ready and warmed up

· Bring soccer ball

· Parents are not allowed beyond the check-in table.

· Parents are encouraged to check-in, drop off and return five minutes before completion.


What if my child is going to miss Player ID but still wants to play with HFC?

· Register for Player ID. Within the registration, there will be a section where you can note that you are unable to attend.  Please answer that you will not be attending. If you are unable to attend it may impact your child's team placement. We cannot place you on a team unless you have registered for Player ID.


What if my child wants to be considered for the position of goalkeeper?

· There are no specific goalkeeper sessions at Player ID.  During registration, we will have a section you can mark that you would like your player considered for the specific spot.  Your child should attend the Player ID session for their age group. 

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