HFC United Weather Guidelines

The safety of our players, families, coaches, referees, and staff is a top priority.  If you have any doubts about the weather, please follow your best judgment as to whether your child should play on a given night, especially in the case of lightning or extreme heat. HFC United will follow the weather guidelines posted by TCSLSOCCER.COM.


TCSL Game Cancellation:

  • The referee is the only person that can cancel the game because of the weather. Please commit to getting to your playing location and then a decision will be made to cancel the game by the referee.
  • Once a game is canceled everyone must leave the field. Coach or Team Manager please stay until the last player has left. 
  • If a home game is canceled by weather, you need to work with the visiting team on a new date and time. Then make an internal Training and TCSL Schedule Change Request. If you can reschedule the change seven days or greater, we can automatically approve. Else, we will need to wait until confirmation of the referee assignment.
  • HFC United will communicate to Coaches and Team Managers field closures.

Competitive Training Cancellation:

  • It is the responsibility of our Coaches to cancel practice due to weather and communicate to their Teams.

Recreational Game and Training Cancellation:        

  • The HFC United Recreational Coordinator will communicate program cancellations. If you see lightning you must cancel your training or game. If you are thinking about canceling, communicate with the other coach on your field to have an appropriate plan. 


The City of Hastings has a text notification system that we strongly recommend coaches and families connect to. You can sign up here for the text notification system here.

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