Thank you for being a part of HFC! Your contribution to our kids and your community is greatly appreciated! The effort that you all put in is what makes a great experience for everyone involved. Enjoy and have fun!

We are going to use this page as a mobile tool to deliver content and processes to help everyone manage the season. It will allow us to work together to keep everyone updated with timely information. We all want to use our fields and time better to create the best experience!. The goal is to accomplish this and then have fun playing soccer!. This page is in addition to and not a substitute for the Team Manager and Coaches Corner page.

Weather Guidelines-Click


Recreational Coaches Information-Click


Arena and Todd Field Spring Training Sessions Schedule-Click. This is a live spreadsheet that will automatically update when we make changes on the back end per approved requests. You can view the scheduled sorted by team or by date and we have also included a Todd Field Map. Please review your scheduled training sessions for Arena and Todd Field. Please work to fit the schedule into your family routine. We work with limited time and space to get playing soccer early! *After TCSL reschedule period ends we will work to coordinate VETS Field training and post game schedules. 


TCSL Official Game Schedule-Click. TCSL posted game schedule for HFC United Club


VETS Field Map-Click


VETS Field TCSL Game and Training Schedule-Click. This is a live calendar that will automatically update when we make changes on the back end per approved requests. The calendar includes training sessions and our TCSL game schedule.

TCSL Home Game and Training Schedule Change Request-Click. For the unintended changes that occur. Use this form to initiate and submit TCSL Home Game reschedule changes and Training Session change requests. It will be routed to the appropriate people to ensure the request is handled properly. We will then follow up with you and the other team(s) to coordinate a resolution and/or the opportunity to secure additional training sessions. We have a fluid timeline and multiple people that will then be able to handle it. We all live busy lives and this will allow us to track, collaborate and react to your request with a resolution. We want to use our field resources efficiently and effectively. This is not the TCSL GOTSPORT game reschedule process that is part of the Team Manager Guide. This is our internal rescheduling message request. ***For a TCSL change request please have your GAME # in case we have to look it up on our end.

Summer Season Snapshot-Click. Important Dates!

March 18th - TCSL-Schedules released to Club. Reschedule period begins for Coaches and Team Managers

April 1st - TCSL-Summer reschedule period ends. Team Manager will communicate your team's summer schedule as soon as available. 

Training Sessions- Work In Progress. Use the time in the Arena to work on technical drills to develop touch and get the feel back. Focus on ball skills, dribbling and passing. Once posted, it is intended to be a guide and assist in Player Development! We believe in the model of training together and coming together to build better players and teams! We understand that the information can be daunting, however, please review. Then when you need to put it into action communicate with Westley and he will break it down! Click the links below. We are working on cleaning up these items and giving them context.


HFC U9-U10 US Soccer Session Plans


HFC U11-U12 US Soccer Session Plans


HFC U13+ US Soccer Session Plans


Coaches and Team Managers Contacts- Delivered 3.28.22

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