Board Election Information

Letters of Intent due September 13th

Board Election Information

HFC United, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation has opened up nominations for four positions to serve two year terms on the board of directors-

  • Officers
    • Vice President - duties include: maintain insurance and oversee risk management; attend board meetings as voting member; run board meetings in President's absence, assume position of President if current President is unable to fulfill duties or vacates position; sign checks; oversee field coordinator.
    • Treasurer- duties include: oversee financial operations, organize and present budget, manage non-profit business filings and fees, manage books and perform accounting, prepare monthly report on financial position, issue 1099 where appropriate by law, work with outside accountant to file annual tax return, work with attorney to file all maintain all 501(c)3 documentation, create profit/loss for each session/camp/tryouts; attend board meetings as voting member; oversee fundraising coordinator and volunteer coordinator. (Club administrator handles day-to-day duties such as paying bills, revenue collection, refund processing, and coordination of payroll with outside accountant.)
  • Board Members
    • Director of Competitive Travel - duties include: overall coordination and communications with parents and team managers; recruit team managers for teams; manage winter training scheduling and work with DOCs to schedule indoor training times for each team; manage administration side of tryouts; attend board meetings as voting member; oversee travel equipment coordinator, uniform coordinator and team manager coordinator. (Club administrator handles registrations, tracking concussion trainings and similar behind the scenes tasks.)
    • Director of Communications & Marketing - duties include: coordinate the design and printing of flyers for area school distribution in the fall and spring; coordinate seasonal club survey in spring and fall; run the high school scholarship program; work with our marketing vendors to develop camp/evaluation/coach t-shirt; facilitate email communications to club for consistency and timeliness in messaging; maintain cost/value comparison of HFC to other local clubs on our website; manage events with promotional support; attend board meetings as voting member; and oversee website.

Letters of Intent - Due on or before 09/13/2020

For those interested in becoming a nominee for one of the board positions, submit your letter of intent either Ceil Strauss, President at or Vinnie DeGrote, Secretary at

Board Elections

Will be held on 10/13/2020.  Due to COVID-19, it is unknown at this time where this will be located at, as well as the timeframe into which to vote.

More information on this will be provided shortly.  Contact or for any additional information.

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